The Social Agency Lab is home to a number of ongoing projects. These include both lab research projects and graduate student thesis projects. Faculty-led lab projects are listed below. Further information on graduate student members of the Social Agency Lab can be found on the “Who We Are” page. Information on completed lab theses can be found here. For a map of all current projects please click here.


1) The Dynamics of Grassroots Mobilization: Social Movements, Eviction and Involuntary Resettlement [full details]

2) Priority Setting Amid the Rubble: Organizational Approaches to Post-Disaster Reconstruction in Haiti [full details]

3) Perceptions and the Built Environment: An Experimental Study of Perceptual Bias and its Influence on Decision Making and Behavior [full details]

4) Policy Levers and Urban Growth: Rapid Urbanization and its Management in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia [full details]

The Social Agency Lab is a research group at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. The lab studies the ways in which individuals, institutions and organizations shape social outcomes in cities.

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